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  • Soccer Direct
  • 19th September 2017

Based in Spain, Joma has come leaps and bounds from their initial 8 employee strong workforce. Even though they have grown quite substantially to be known as one of the key players in the sportswear supplier world, Joma have stuck to their roots. They are known for being one of the key kit suppliers to various Spanish teams such as Valencia C.F, who are considered one of the best Spanish Football teams .

Over the years Joma has grown from a small independent business to a global sporting brand; gradually Joma has opened subsidiaries all over the world in countries such as Brazil, Italy and the UK. Combined with their international online store, this supplier is able to grow its visibility and place in the sporting world alongside well-known names such as adidas and Nike. Of course the chosen place to order Joma would definitely be at UK supplier, Soccer Direct FC (a slightly biased opinion granted) but their use of multi-platform selling ensures that no sportsman/ woman has to go without their inexpensive yet creative line of products!

Recently Jomas’ presence was seen at 2016’s biggest sporting event, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  Over 10% of all athletes who partook in the games were supplied by Joma which meant their brand was ever present. Jomas’ online store spoke of their recent achievement having “ a huge positive effect for the company and has placed the brand before one of the most important moments in its history”.

In addition to this, (globally recognised online sports publisher) bestowed Joma with their most beautiful shirt in the world award for creating UC Sampdoria’s uniquely designed jersey ‘blucerchiati’. A replica version of this ‘beautiful’ shirt is available now from Soccer Direct FC if you feel like wearing an award winning Joma top.

As a sportswear brand Joma has their eggs in a lot of baskets. They initially supply the classic football kits – Pisa, Grada, Pro Liga to name a few but are known for their bold trainer ranges and a wide array of training wear. The most popular line has been known to be the Champion IV, formerly Champion III. Featuring the classic silk screen Joma logo on the chest, Champion IV is inexpensive for the quality you are getting and available in everything from tshirts to rain jackets – all sporting the Joma logo not only on the chest but in a bold design down the side of the arm.

Known for their use of bold colours and distinctive designs, Joma have gradually caught the attention of some well-known professional teams such as Swansea City AFC. By signing such a sophisticated team Joma were able to catapult into the most distinguished tier of football, the Premier League. Combined with the signing of Villarreal CF, this spanish sports brand is not only getting the best visibility it has ever had but is developing a notable reputation with the most prestigious football teams worldwide.


Soccer Direct FC Top Joma Sellers: 

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