The future of adidas football kits

  • Soccer Direct
  • 25th July 2017

You’ve heard the saying, new is always better and in Adidas’ case its true. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with their old/current kits but we feel, here at Soccer Direct FC, that our customers should know all about the newest football kits Adidas has to offer so that you can all be wearing the best whilst you be the best.


Revigo 17 GK

The Revigo 17 Goalkeeper football kit is especially one to consider if you’re looking for a fresh kit for your goalkeeper. This range will be running until 2021 but by no means does that mean you should wait to buy this. With innovative, super stretchy fabric for excellent freedom of movement and Climacool technology, there’s no way you could go wrong. In addition to this, Adidas have designed the sleeve length to end where the goalie gloves start and have made the bottom of the sleeves tight to keep the jersey in place on the arms. Combine this with the added under arm extension which prevents the jersey from riding up when your arms are extended and there’s no chance that anything can go wrong on the pitch!

 The Revigo 17 football kit also uses Adidas’ unique fabric, Adizero. This not only helps you run faster and further but represents a design philosophy that has been steeped in a hand-crafted tradition to the finest detail. With strategically placed mesh inserts for high air permeability  and a lightweight, superior fit, this goalkeeper jersey is not just something you wear but something you use to enhance your own performance.

Squadra 17

This football kit is new in Adidas’ 2017 catalogue and alike the Revigo GK 17 will be running until 2021, which gives you all plenty of time to order as many as possible. The jersey which is a steal really at £14.95 and £12.95 for children comes in a regular fit made from soft and lightweight Climalite fabric for superior moisture management in the classic Adidas football kit design. This way you can get all the benefits of Adidas’ improved technology without compromising on their well-known and well-loved classic design! Not only this but the Squadra 17 jersey is also available in women’s sizes and is available in a long sleeve for those chillier days on the pitch.

 Combined with this beneficial jersey are the Squadra 17 shorts, which also feature Climalite material in a slim fit for the same price as the matching jersey or if you prefer football shorts with briefs, it’s still pretty inexpensive at £16.95 and £14.95 for children! So there’s no reason why any man, woman or child shouldn’t be sporting this new Adidas football kit this year!

Tastigo 17 shorts

The Tastigo 17 shorts are another new Adidas product to catch our eye here at Soccer Direct FC. These shorts will only be on sale until 2019 so get them before it’s too late! Tastigo 17 shorts use Climacool fabric combined with Adizero to create a fabric that not only ventilates your legs through mesh panels but also uses a traditional design style to make the fabric a more lightweight, superior fit.

 With engineered fabric on sleeves and embroidered logo, you can buy these shorts now for £21.95 and £19.95 for children.


Pro sock 17

Although these socks are only on sale until the end of 2017, these new socks are worth snapping up before they disappear! With license branding of the Adidas logo and a tighter knit construction, you will be able to keep your socks in place all day. Not only do they improve your traction also but the intentionally designed thinner foot bed creates a better ball feel for the player so who says that the socks you wear cant affect the way you play?

 The colourways on the Pro Sock 17 match the goalkeeper kits mentioned earlier in this blog as well as core field player knit colours, all for the affordable price of £11.95!


Tango Graphic Jersey

Last but certainly not least on the subject of new Adidas football kits is the Tango Graphic Jersey. Unlike other Adidas Jerseys currently on sale, these ones sport a sublimation print in a variety of classic sporting colours. Used with Climalite fabric to push the sweat away, you can be the envy of everyone by sporting a simple yet effective jersey design for the price of £21.95!