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  • Soccer Direct
  • 22nd September 2017

 Originated in Italy, Errea is another globally known brand specialising in the production of sportswear and one of their core beliefs is that “Every day’s job is to achieve a clear and priority goal: to sit next to every sportsman, delivering a high-quality result”. In order to succeed in the sportswear industry a company must prioritise quality in their products whilst still achieving a competitive price.  This probably explains why Errea strives to become an internationally recognised brand whom never compromise on comfort, not even in your free time.

  Currently Errea consists of 2,000 outlets in 80 countries, producing over 4,000,000 articles every year. This is a far jump from their humble beginnings in Italy. However, the emphasis on their original family structure is ever-present through the company’s logo. Said logo was originally constructed from the combination of the letters “A”, which represent the initials of the sons of the President and Owner of Errea Sport. The presence of the children’s name emphasises the family structure from which Errea began and to inspire the characterisation and branding of the company. “Vitality and strength are thus the two values that best represent the meaning of the Errea logo and the spirit of this enterprise.”

 Like other well-known sporting brands, such as Adidas, Errea is a company that is conscious about their environmental impact on the world. In 2007 Errea was the first European company in the team wear sector to obtain the Oeko-Tex Certification.  Oeko-Tex is a certification issued by the International Institute that certifies the research and testing in the field of textile ecology. They achieved this by ensuring that all their products do not release harmful substances into our environment. These harmful substances are known for being popular within the team wear sector due to their low cost. However, Errea are able to keep their costs competitive still and yet still ensure that their products are made in the safest conditions for their workers and the environment.

 “Football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, running, tennis – whatever your sport you’ll find the perfect garments here for competing in, even the most difficult of garments”. As a global brand one of Errea’s distinctive strengths is their unique designs. This ‘Uniqueness’ is actually one strength used to create the Errea brand alongside ‘Responsibility’, ‘Need’, and ‘Professionalism’. All these factors play together towards the ‘Unicity’ – “a combination of indispensable factors, strengths that have always made the bran different from the competitors and universally appreciated”.

 These factors have resulted in breathable, lightweight products that offer every sportsman the maximum support to enhance their training. One of Soccer Directs’ most popular Errea jersey is the Marcus. This jersey consists of a simple yet effective design; a plain jersey colour contrasting with a different colour on the right shoulder/chest. Combine this with shorts to match the chest colouring and you will have a classic yet bold look for your team.


SDFC’s Errea Top Sellers:

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Marcus Jersey

Robert Shirt

Bermuda Shorts

Polypropylene Socks


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