Adidas football kits: Using technology to step up your game

  • Soccer Direct
  • 25th July 2017






Whether it’s their shoes, their football kits or their wide array of advertising, everybody has heard of Adidas. Now what people may not know is that Adidas are also known in the sporting world for their use of specific technologies in order to combat all weathers but do not fear, Adidas have been kind enough to create a range of kits with different prices so we can all share in the benefits of upcoming technology without breaking the bank!

 These three technologies are Climalite, Climacool and Climawarm. The names are pretty much self-explanatory but we here at Soccer Direct FC want you all to be as informed as possible on the area of Adidas clothing so you know what you’re getting when you buy Adidas football kits from us. This blog post will focus specifically on Climalite and Climacool because these two technologies work specifically in favour of footballers who need that little extra something to keep them cool and dry on and off the pitch!

Unlike the other two technologies, Climawarm has been specifically designed for cold weather. By wearing this, you can say goodbye to chilly workouts and icy evenings on the pitch. This technology was designed by Adidas to keep you super warm and super dry in even the coldest of weather through its fabric structure for efficient insulation performance and moisture management, in order to help you blast through the cold weather!

The first technology we want to demystify for you is one of the brands most tried and tested apparel technologies, Climalite. It’s fabric has been designed specifically to keep you dry in every condition through its fast absorption material so you can “sweat but don’t sweat it”, as Adidas says. This fabric sweeps sweat away from your skin so that you can keep yourself and your football kit dry every step of the way. Combined with Adidas’ use of a cotton and synthetic blend, this fabric will feel like a dream, whilst also fulfilling every footballer’s dream of staying dry all day.

Now at this point, you will be thinking how can I get this wonderful super soft stay dry fabric? Well look no further than at our Adidas Entrada 14 range, featured on our website! This football kit is the most affordable of all the Adidas kits out at the moment at £11.95 but you wouldn’t be able to tell from its fabric and its variety of colours. However, a little birdy well Adidas, have told us that this reasonably priced football kit will no longer be available by the end of 2017! So you better catch them while you can!

On the other end of the spectrum is Adidas Condivo 16 range. Made from recycled pes, this functional, lightweight fabric is the most luxurious of Adidas’ current football kit range at £34.95 for the jersey and £24.95 for the matching Condivo shorts. These kits have a fitted fit, engineered back panels for heat moisture management and the classic Adidas printed logo on the front and like Entrada, is available in a variety of colours and sizes. And most importantly, Condivo 16 features Climalite technology so this kit is perfect for anyone who wants to spend a few extra pounds for quality inside and out.

The next technological beauty Adidas has to offer is called Climacool. This fabric has been specifically designed to keep you cool and dry in warm weather. You may be thinking well isn’t this the same as  Climalite? But when you get down to the specifics you can see a world of difference. Whilst Climalite used fabric that transports sweat away from your body, Climacool uses a combination of performance fabrics such as open mesh in order to ventilate your body while you train! These strategically placed mesh inserts mean you can stay cool and dry, while giving your body the freedom to breathe so that you will not just be cool but Climacool.

 A good example of Climacool in work is the Tiro 17 football kit. Made from recycled pes, this football jersey uses Climacool technology through engineered fabric on the sleeves so that you can manage your moisture through ventilation. Alike the Entrada kit, these kits feature a classic design and a variety of colours but due to its embroidered logo and Climacool fabrics, this breathable little number costs £21.95!

 Or if its stripes you’re looking for, Adidas Striped 15 is the range for you. Like Tiro 17, these jerseys feature Climacool technology, which specialises in heat and moisture management. This kit is functional but with an embroidered logo and available in a variety of stripe colours for £21.95 or if long sleeves is more your thing, Adidas Striped 15 is available in long sleeved for just £24.95.